SAS Project meeting


A SAS project meeting was held on 21 of October. The main discussion was when each country participating in the project has planned to start working on the implementation of the apprenticeship scheme.

The main aim of the international project in which NASOR represents Bulgaria and actively participates in its activities is to help disadvantaged people make a successful school-to-work transition.

Thus far, each country has shared how they’ve started the implementation of the planned activity. Furthermore, next steps were discussed as well as future meetings to track the progress of the project.

The lead partners from France, LADAPT, have informed us that thanks to recent activities, the application of the apprenticeship scheme has grown throughout France, including the South of the country where the initiative was not previously active.

The partners representing Norway, Spir Oslo, shared that they have already started their work on the project. Meanwhile, Greece and Spain plan to start the implementation in November, 2022.

At present, the political crisis in both Bulgaria and Italy makes them fully dependent of them and of the awaited vote on the national budget by the National Assembly. This is one of the reasons for the uncertainty and insecurity around the social sector.

We truly hope that these issues will be resolved soon so that NASO’s team can successfully implement the apprenticeship scheme.

Once there is an active parliament and National Assembly, the Employment Agency will support and assist us through additional funding, which is crucial for ensuring a safe working environment for the apprentices.

The next project meeting will take place online on December 1, 2022.

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