SAS project meeting


15.03. 22 г.

On 15 March, NASOR representatives took part in the planned SAS project meeting.

The National Forum program details and the integration of the planned events of the SaS project were clarified during the meeting. Each participating country produced a detailed report (analysis) of the  apprenticeship model implementation on national level.
NASOR prepared a detailed analysis of the implementation of the apprenticeship model in Bulgaria, which included a detailed description of social enterprises and their legislation.
The upcoming trainings in Paris planned for 31.05 and 01.06 were discussed. Each country partner will ensure two of their experts will attend and receive the Professional Integration Advisors training.
The training program aims to train the experts to successfully implement the apprenticeship model so they coud share their experience and expertise on national and regional level with social enterprises and socially responsible employers.

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