NASOR held a transnational meeting on the SAS project


As part of the annual event organized by NASO’s team – the National Forum 2022, a transnational meeting of the SAS project was held. Representatives of all project partner countries were present – France, Bulgaria, Norway, Italy, Spain, Greece and Belgium.

The transnational meeting was an excellent opportunity to discuss current and future activities of the apprenticeship project and in particular the launch of the initiative to implement the apprenticeship scheme according to the French reference model which will be implemented by each participating country. Thanks to the experts (two of each team) – VIC (Professional Integration Advisors), the proven successful French model will be initiated together with the legal framework of each country.

The NASOR representatives welcomed all partners and provided excellent conditions for holding the  transnational meetings (TPM 1 & TPM 2), as well as the Dissemination event during which the Bulgarian team presented the project and introduced the apprenticeship model concept to employers from all over the country.

NASOR grabbed the attention of the audience and establish long-term relationships with representatives of the social field and with socially responsible employers from Bulgaria. The leading partner of the SAS project, the French organization LADAPT, was given the opportunity to present the contribution of the model itself. The follow-up activities of the project are related to the active participation of all teams in order to disseminate information to stakeholders, ensure successful school -to – work transition for people with disabilities, integration through additional training and long-term professional relationships.

NASOR provided the European partners with the opportunity to see and understand the Bulgaria works by visiting the social enterprise “ACADEMICA VUM”, where they witnessed the already applied concept of professional integration in Bulgaria.

ACADEMICA VUM’s  team shared both their achievements and daily challenges and enriched their knowledge and experience thanks to the French organisation.

The project partners had the privilege to actively participate in the “National Forum 2022”, the opportunity to exchange experience with Bulgarian socially responsible employers, representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Employment Agency, the Agency for People with Disabilities and with the Vision enterprise team. They also got the opportunity to visit the palace in “Evksinovgrad” as part of the organized tour which further enriched their knowledge of the Bulgarian history and our European past, present and future.

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