The final study report is in progress. It consists of 7 different sections that bring together the main findings of WP1.

The first section is an introduction. The second section is about the specifics and added value of WISE. The aim is to explore the determinants and specificity of WISES, why did WISEs emerge? What is the impact they generate among society? This section was made by reviewing the literature and country fact sheets. The third section focuses on the integration models and specifics of WISE. This section is supplemented by fields to understand how work-based learning takes place. Once this is done, the aim is to explore the diverse integration models experimented by WISE across Europe: a permanent model, a transitional model or a mixed model. Following these models, the challenges and advantages WISE found in developing these models will be explained. The fourth section is a mapping of WISE across Europe (typologies, characteristics and resources) in terms of legal forms, characteristics and resources. It also contains target groups and areas of activity, as well as access to a mix of resources. The fifth section is the transition from traditional labor policies to WISE, aiming to analyze the specific trends and patterns that countries follow. Section number six contains WISE’s target groups and skills gaps. The seventh section will focus on technology and digital skills gaps in WISE, through literature review, F2F survey, ONL survey. This section will focus mainly on technology skills and will be contextualized by an external researcher.

The program related to work package 2, each of the steps included in the package, the activities and the expected results against the set deadlines were thoroughly discussed. The remaining work packages (from 3 to 10) were described in detail, with each participant having a say in suggestions and additions to the program.

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