BWISE Additional Meeting

On 07.02.2023, NASOR took part in an additional meeting on the B-WISE project. The aim of the partnership meeting was to specify and distribute all upcoming activities under WP3 and WP6. The new leader of WP3  introduced the participants their commitments for 2023 – current and future initiatives that were successfully agreed upon: * Work […]

ИАНМСП организира икономическия форум в рамките на българското председателство на Централно европейската инициатива

На 7 ноември от 14.00 часа, ще се проведе форум на тема „Предизвикателствата, пред които са изправени МСП от ЦЕИ и икономическото възстановяване на региона“. Събитието ще се състои в Гранд хотел „Милениум София“, а негов организатор е Изпълнителната агенция за насърчаване на малките и средните предприятия в партньорство с Министерство на външните работи на […]

EASPD will help implement the EU Disability Employment Package

On 20th September, the European Commission launched its Package to Improve Labour Market Outcomes of Persons with Disabilities (Disability Employment Package). Its objective is to improve the employment situation of persons with disabilities. It does so through six areas of action, whilst addressing policymakers and employment services or social economy employers; many of which make up […]

Impressive story of successful professional realization

The International Labor Organization presents the stories of successful people who, despite the difficulties that some of their disabilities create, can be a good example of consistency, perseverance and goals. The Voices multimedia platform tells first-person human stories. We present you the story of 28-year-old Elena Epuri from the Moldovan capital Chisinau. She works in […]

Meeting of D-CARE project partners

NASO participated in a webinar on the D-CARE project, during which the benefits and specifics of applying for potential participants in the innovation competition were presented. Those wishing to apply for the Innovation Competition will receive expert evaluation and access to a wide range of international sponsors who work together on the D-CARE project. The […]

Interviews within the project B-WISE

In the framework of the B-WISE project we are interviewing #WISEs workers to learn about #Skills needs and #Skills gaps in particular concerning digital issues. Today, NASO R are in FIORELA in Bulgaria, Sofia which is working withpeople with disabilities on chemical industry. They pointed out that they still do not have the financial means […]

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program is open to applicants and helps people up to the age of 45 who are starting their own business in all sectors of the economy, and applying in just 6 easy steps. Young entrepreneurs receive financial support from the program. The benefits of hosting entrepreneurs are: sharing knowledge and […]

B-WISE Launching Event

21.10.21 On Thursday, October 14th, the 30 partners of the B-WISE project gathered in Brussels for the launching event of the project, organised by EASPD in conjunction with its 25th Anniversary Conference and in the framework of ENSIE 20th anniversary. This event focused on the “Digital skills needs for WISEs of tomorrow” and set up […]

B-WISE Partner meeting

21.10.21 A partner meeting under the B-WISE project was held in Brussels on 12 and 13 October. Representatives of NASOR met with their colleagues from 13 organizations across Europe and discussed the next activities of the B-WISE project, which include field research among social enterprises that ensure the labour integration of vulnerable groups in our […]