BWISE 14.07

On 14.07.23 representatives from the NASOR team participated in an online meeting related to the upcoming piloting of the training modules in work package 4. This was the second in a series of meetings that will be dedicated to preparing for the testing of the training panels aimed at different target groups of social enterprise workers. The partners-leaders of WP4 are ACT Group from Croatia, who presented and gave their recommendations on both the format of the training and the content of each of the modules. It is expected that a specific internal evaluation system will be developed to process the feedback received appropriately. In this way it will be possible to assess the level of relevance and the need for changes and/or improvements in the training panels against the results in each participating country.

ACT Group will develop a specific template for all VET organisations providing vocational training, which together with the national representatives in each country will jointly pilot among target groups consisting of 20 social enterprise workers. NASOR as the national representative organisation for Bulgaria will join forces with Excellia BG (VET) in order to successfully pilot the ILOOS training modules among WSN (workers with support needs). Further refinements and organizational details are to be made in the coming weeks so that we can complete the initiative and report the results to the EASPD lead partners. The main objective of the training modules is to address the digital skills gaps of social enterprise workers by providing them with the opportunity to increase their level of competence within the organisation.

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