BWISE Additional Meeting


On 07.02.2023, NASOR took part in an additional meeting on the B-WISE project. The aim of the partnership meeting was to specify and distribute all upcoming activities under WP3 and WP6. The new leader of WP3  introduced the participants their commitments for 2023 – current and future initiatives that were successfully agreed upon:BWISE Additional Meeting

* Work package 3 – a system for prioritization and classification of training needs identified through the different scenarios within the frameworks of WP2, is to be established. Based on this system, a training program will be prepared to create qualification profiles in the WISEs sector.

BWISE Additional Meeting* Work package 6 – Preparation of first draft of the sector skills strategy (based on the identified scenarios and “personas”) which will include milestones, clear activities, an action plan and a map of funding opportunities for the implementation of the strategy which is based on the national studies of the partner countries.

Partners in each country/region will prepare practical guidelines for implementing the strategy on national level.

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