The NASOR team took part in workshops on the B-WISE project, which took place on April 28 and 29. The results of the past activity were discussed, the link to the preparation of a summary report of WISEs sector ‘scenarios’ – Activity T2.1 and the preparation of an analysis of current and future skills needs in the form of ‘scenarios’ as a basis for a strategy for more further activities in order to prioritize and define action steps.

The lead partners systematized all the submitted results to present the overall picture in Europe. Within the framework of the meeting, numerous discussions, joint tasks and activities were held, which allowed all participants of the project to discuss in great detail related to all the challenges facing social enterprises and people with different types of objections. Different scenarios were played out, through which each partner revealed the specifics of all types of WISE profiles characteristic of his social environment.

The lead partners present the definitions of the Personas and the scenarios to be developed within the next project activities.

The prepared reports were discussed in methodological aspects, emphasizing the benefits, advantages, disadvantages and challenges of technology and digitalization in the social sector. The digital skills that end-users should acquire in their daily lives and how they would affect disabled people and their employment across the economy.

Successful models from Austria, Italy, Greece and Latvia were presented, providing excellent tools to introduce a wide audience to the characteristics of WISE social enterprises and their activities. A mandatory emphasis is also the legislative framework, government assistance and public investments in the sector.

All of the members are actively involved in the open discussion on successful issues and apply their expertise and observations, within a few minutes each of us thought to give suggestions to improve social enterprises in the current environment. Also presented are ideas from the entrepreneurial environment in Latvia and support initiatives in Italy linked to multi-million euro investors aimed at improving the conditions for the development of the WISE organization.

Spain shared statistics showing the huge number of individuals who are in social enterprises in its territory, who have the chance to upgrade their qualifications and develop skills in their chosen sectors. Also important is the focus on competitiveness and the highly competitive environment in which WISEs are made, especially after the upheavals caused by the covid pandemic and its economic consequences.

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