B WISE Project Meeting


(27-28th October)

Last week NASOR had the pleasure to participate in the General Assembly meeting of the project B-WISE. The meeting was held in Latvia, Riga, however our representatives joined the meeting online through Zoom.B WISE Project Meeting

The main discussion of the meeting was the project development so far. The leading partners of the work packages presented the achieved results as well as the expected outcomes that need to be reached in the next few months.

All partners took part in interactive workshops where different WISE-related challenges were presented. Big part of the discussions was related to the challenges which represent the lack of digital skills of disadvantaged people around the countries.

B WISE Project MeetingDuring both of the days, all partners on the project were divided in 5 groups. Each organization representative had the opportunity to present information on these topics and create discussions around it.

Despite the fact that the labour markets in the different countries face different challenges, they have many things in common as well. A variety of methods were presented by the participants related to the successful integration of disadvantaged people. B WISE Project Meeting

Many unique approaches were presented and each country representative shared their suggestions. They also shared their international expertise and compared the obstacles that stand in front of each country`s social system nowadays.

B-WISE partners will continue their excellent work towards the next 2023 as the approaches discussed will be implemented into a variety of training programs so that the lack of digital skills can be properly addressed in future.

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