B-WISE Project Meeting WP3 Training curricula for WISE sector



During last week, NASOR participated in another important B-WISE Meeting related to the Creation of training curricula and localisation of tutorial toolkit for teachers and trainers – overview was discussed with all project partners who participate in Work package 3.

Three EU Curricula will be designed (one for each staff category and each of the three EU curricula will be composed by three core modules of a total planned duration between 150-200 hours. The three core modules will be organized around the common topics for the three staff categories but with specific content for each of them. This task is based on the work package 1 activities, identification of skill needs, definition of occupational profiles in terms of knowledge, skills and competences.B-WISE Project Meeting WP3 Training curricula for WISE sector

Contributing partners will provide an overall description of the main characteristics of the EU Curriculum as to its general components, i.e. EQF level, learning outcomes, work-based learning. Also, they will have the chance to define the flexibility of the EU Curriculum, by several tools provided aside to the core of the Curriculum.

The Curriculum will be:

1. Modular and flexible, since it is supposed to be adaptable to different contexts and rules in different EU countries

2. Learning outcome oriented, applying ECVET (European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training) i.e. based on “Statements of what a learner knows, understands and is able to do on completion of a learning process defined in terms of knowledge, skills and competence” (ECVET glossary)

3. Compliant with the main EU standard and tools for VET, such as EQAVET, ESCO, EQF, etc.

This definition will allow for transparency and comparability of the local curricula and will support the recognition of this qualification by regulatory bodies.

In addition, tasks of involved partners were discussed, case studies to be performed, translations and information dissemination that is necessary in order to raise public awareness and reach to all stakeholders.

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