10 of the best practices from 8 countries were selected under the B-WISE project



The B-WISE project partners presented 34 good practices, which were then reviewed by an ad hoc committee coordinated by EASPD (ArberitPlus, De Omslag, SENT, ENSIE and Scuola Centrale Formatione).

The selection of the 10 best practices was selected based on the committee’s evaluations.

  • Smart support stations for work and training with augmented reality
  • Smart assistive Augmented Reality work and training stations
  • ABZ*Digi-Cafés
  • Online shadowing practice in Latvia
  • Pilot MBO Praktijkleren – Roetz Bikes
  • Digi+
  • Zero-Coercion educational package
  • Knowledge Alliance Inclusion and Technology
  • Digital Workplace
  • ENTELIS+ Digital Accessibility

Impressive story of successful professional realization

EASPD will help implement the EU Disability Employment Package

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